About Us

Gowrie NSW is first and foremost a provider of quality early childhood education and care. All other programs and activities stem from this fundamental activity and our expertise in working with children and families. Gowrie’s strength lies in its diversity which, for an organisation of its size, is engaged in a breadth of services and activities that assist thousands of children, families, and many communities and early childhood education and care professionals across NSW and the ACT.

Gowrie focuses strongly on social justice and innovative practice, training and professional development for the early childhood sector as well as information and referral services for families and early childhood professionals. Gowrie also provides a broad range of specialist projects that support the diverse needs of infants and young children, their families and communities.

The year 2010 marked the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Lady Gowrie Child Centres in 1940 by Lady Zara Gowrie, the wife of the 10th Governor General of Australia. Today, Gowrie is a well-managed, led and sustainable business.

Gowrie is also an active participant in a range of forums and consultations around the Commonwealth Government’s early childhood reforms and will continue to be a part of this important policy agenda.

Under the CEO’s leadership, there has been a focus on developing new partnerships with other organisations working with children and families, and strengthening relationships with our external funding providers.